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USDⓈ-M Futures Tutorial

1. Go to BitMart official website:, and login to the BitMart account. Click [Futures] on the top navigation bar, and click [USDⓈ-M].

>>Click to learn how to KYC verification and activate futures account


2. Click [Transfer] button, to enter the transfer page.

>>Click to learn how to deposit and withdraw


3. Select to transfer from the [Spot] to the [Futures], select the USDT, enter the transfer amount, and click [Transfer].

(You can click the conversion button on the transfer section to transfer from the [Futures] to [Spot])


4. You can start trading futures upon successfully transferring.

(Transfers between account(s) are immediately credited and free of charge)


5. Select the Futures type and trading pair, to enter the corresponding futures trading page.

For example USDⓈ-M - BTCUSDT trading pair. 

>> Click to learn more futures knowledge and function introduction


6. [Adjust Leverage / Margin Mode]

Margin mode: Click [What’s Margin Mode] to learn the difference between cross and isolated.

Leverage: The higher the leverage, the higher the risk of forced liquidation. Please be aware of the number of leverages.


7. Select the trading unit: You can choose the corresponding coin or USDT as the trading unit.


8. Select the order method (Limit, Market, Trigger)

Limit: You can place an order with a specified order Price and order Size. After the market price reaches the order price you set, the order can be completed.

Market: Just enter the order size, and the order will be executed in time according to the current market price.

Trigger: You can set the specified trigger price, order price, and order size. When the latest market price reaches the trigger price, the system will place a limit order according to the order price and order size you set in advance.


9. Open: Take a limit order as an example, enter your desired price and size to order, and select your desired position to trade (Click [Open Long] if you wish to go Long and click [Open Short] if you are willing to go Short).

(If the order price is 16788.5 USDT, the order size is 0.001 BTC, means you wish to go Short, then the trading position is Open Short)


10. After the order is successfully placed, the completed position will be displayed in the [Current Position] section, and you can perform such as Close Position, TP/SL for Position, etc.

The Incomplete transaction part will be displayed in the [Open Orders] section and the order can be canceled before the complete order.


11. Close: Enter the price that you are willing to order, enter the size you wish to order (not greater than the number of positions) and select your trade position (click [Close Long] to close a long order, and click [Close Short] to close short orders).

(If the order price is 16779.7 USDT, the order size is 0.001 BTC, and you want to close the short order, the trading position is [Close Short]).


12. Click [Order History] to check the history of orders; click [Trade History] to check the trade history of each order; click [Funding Fee] to look over the details of the funding fee.

(The funding fee is calculated every 8 hours. When the rate is positive, the short position pays the long position; when the rate is negative, the long position pays the short position; BitMart does not charge any fees.)

In the end, BitMart wishes you a pleasant trading journey~

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