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Announcement on the Third Release of BitMart Vote-To-Earn NFTs

Dear BitMart Users,


Due to the enormous demand for the Vote Listing program, BitMart is delighted to announce another round release of additional Vote-To-Earn NFTs to allow more BitMart users to participate in this exciting event.

Users will be able to acquire the BitMart "Vote to Earn" NFT on the BitMart Launchpad during this second listing. On a first come, first served basis between December 19 and December 22, users who do not already own a Vote-To-Earn NFT will be able to purchase an additional 500 NFTs for $29.99 USDT. 

Users who can’t participate in the launchpad NFT sale can still purchase the vote to earn NFT on the secondary market


Purchase on Secondary Market: 

Exercise your right to vote:


Have any more questions? Read the User guide:


About BitMart Vote-To-Earn NFT(BVTE) Collection:

Network: Ethereum 

Token Type: 721a

NFT Smart contract: TApBvFTkBUbQbCtMm8gR8GBRErrF7Ud1dFypfgceJEg

Utility:  The “Vote to Earn” NFT is an NFT that users can purchase that gives them access to voting rights for new BitMart listings. If their chosen candidates successfully list on BitMart, they will receive guaranteed airdrops from these projects.


Terms & Condition 

  1. Voting rights will be renewed/updated for each newly promoted potential listing.
  2. Holders of BitMart Vote-To-Earn NFT will be eligible to participate in the vote for listing on the BitMart launchpad section. One account only accounted for one vote;
  3. Holders of BitMart Vote -To-Earn NFT must vote on the specific project that reaches the required votes to get this project’s token rewards;
  4. The withdrawal function will remain open. BitMart will only identify the holder on BitMart. If users withdraw the NFT to other platforms, It can't be deposited back to the BitMart Wallet and won't be eligible for rewards.
  5. All listing projects will be strictly evaluated before voting starts.
  6. All voters who hold the Voting NFT will share the airdrop prize pool.
  7. Rewards will be issued within 12 - 24 hours after the token trading starts.
  8. BitMart reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms and conditions of this event. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.


Attention:  Use of BitMart services is entirely at your own risk. The value of digital currencies can go up or down and there can be a substantial risk in buying, selling, holding, or trading digital currencies. You should carefully consider whether trading or holding digital currencies is suitable for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances, and risk tolerance.



Thank you for supporting BitMart!


BitMart Team


Dec. 15, 2022



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