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🎅 BitMartCIS Exclusive Trading invitation | Complete the KYC2 and make a deposit to get up to $3000!



Christmas is just around the corner🎄

We have prepared amazing Christmas gifts for all users from the CIS🎁

The Brightest Christmas is with us!

Hurry up to take part in the distribution - do not miss the opportunity to get your futures reward💰


Period:  12/20/2022  - 12/31/2022


*Russian version:


EVENT 1- Register, pass KYC2, fund your account and trade to get rewarded💰

Register a BitMart account during the promotion and receive a free trading bonus of 25 USDT to your futures account. (First you need to open a futures account).


Requirements and rewards

5 USDT trading bonus for successful KYC2 registration

✅ 5 USDT trading bonus after 100U deposit 

Additional 15 USDT for a new user who makes a deposit of 100 USDT over 1 week;

💰 Reward - $25 USDT trading bonus to your futures account. 


1) Reward structure for deposit and futures trading.

Condition 1: Cumulative Net Deposits in USDT-M Account Condition 2: Cumulative Futures Trading Volume in USDT-M Account Trading bonus
1,000 ≤ Net deposit > 0 40 USDT
5,000 ≤ Net deposit ≥ 50,000 170 USDT
10,000 ≤ Net deposit ≥ 100,000 330 USDT
50,000 ≤ Net deposit ≥ 500,000 1600 USDT
100,000 ≤ Net deposit ≥ 1000,000 3100 USDT


2) Net Deposit Amount = USD-M Futures Account Deposit Amount - USD-M Futures Account Withdrawal Amount.

Qualified Users must make a cumulative net deposit between December 20th and 26th.

The net deposit amount is based on the average daily net deposit amount for the last 6 days, calculated using the formula:

{D1+(D1+D2)+(D1+D2+D3)+(D1+D2+D3+D4)+(D1+D2+D3+D4+D5) +(D1+D2+D3+D4+D5+D6 ) }/6.


3) You will only be eligible to qualify for the relevant tiered rewards once you have met the average daily deposit/transaction requirements for the last 6 days. There is only one chance to receive a deposit reward. Once a reward has been received, it cannot be redeemed. You can choose to accumulate the highest value and then receive rewards.


EVENT 2- Invite Friends
Invite your friends to get $10 Unlimited Bonus🎁

Unlimited $10 USDT for each qualified referred referral.

How to invite friends:
Share your referral link with your friends;
Invite your friends to register, pass KYC2 and deposit more than $100 over a week;
Get a reward of 10 USDT

💰Reward - $10 USDT trading bonus to futures account. 


👩‍💻Invite your friends now🧑‍💻

We will announce our winners only on the Telegram channel, join us to get more information!


Terms & Conditions

  1. New users must pass advanced KYC verification.
  2. Users must complete KYC2 within 7 days of registration to receive the gift.
  3. The first deposit must be made within seven 7 days of registration.
  4. To receive a reward, it is forbidden to withdraw funds within 7 days after registration and making a deposit.
  5. To receive the trading bonus, you must have a Futures account with BitMart.Activate your Futures account and get access to the trading bonus!
  6. The number of users you invite is not limited.You will receive a reward for each new user who completes the terms of the promotion.
  7. We reserve the right to disqualify or close the accounts of users who show signs of malicious activity or actions contrary to the terms.



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