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BMC Token Public Sale Announcement

Dear User,

The BMC token public sale will officially start at 03:00 AM UTC on December 28, 2017, and end at 03:00 AM UTC on January 15, 2018.

Due to the recent price rising of ETH, Bitmart team has already obtained sufficient financial support in the whitelist phase. As a result, in the public sale phase, we decided to reduce the token amount from 300 million to 100 million and destroy the remaining 200 million (token price remains at 1ETH = 10000BMC).

We would end the sale ahead of schedule if 100 million BMC sold out before the deadline. If not, we will destroy the unsold portion.

We are so glad to announce that whitelist stage has been completed with marvelous progress. Due to the over-subscription during the whitelist stage, the total ETH collected reached 10,052.7, with 962.7 ETH overfilled compared to 9,090 ETH planned (10.59% overfill). Based on pre-established subscription rules, we have already returned the overfilled ETH to each user's account per subscription. However, this may cause profit loss to part of the early participants; we decided to give away 10.59% BMCs to all subscribers who had successfully participated in the whitelist phase (in total 110,590,000 BMCs). This part of BMC will be extracted from the to-be-destroyed 200 million BMCs above.

Bitmart Team
December 27, 2017

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