BitMart Partners With SignalStack

Dear All BitMart Users: 

BitMart is proud to announce that we have integrated our services with one of the leading crypto trading tools, SignalStack, which is a solution designed to make automated order entry access to all market participants, regardless of their level of technical sophistication. 




About Signal Stack

SignalStack is a platform-agnostic order routing solution designed to facilitate API-based order entry for investors and traders who seek to systemize and automate their approach to the market but do not have the technical expertise to write code themselves.



The majority of retail traders and investors depend on third-party software such as,,, and others to conduct research, perform analysis, and plan their trades. They then use alerts built into these products in order to notify them when the conditions they are looking for materialize so that they can manually enter an order. 


A small minority of retail traders and investors, who have software programming skills or experience, automate their order placements using brokerage and exchange APIs. This enables them to place trades in a more precise and timely manner. 


SignalStack is a solution designed to make automated order entry accessible to all BitMart users. Every user will get 100 free signals when they initially sign up with SignalStack. Click here to learn how to use SignalStack from an end-user point of view. 

To celebrate the partnership between BitMart and SignalStack, we're offering a series of free tutorials and joint campaigns. Stay tuned!


The BitMart Team


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