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BitMart Reflects on 2022 Achievements, Plans for 2023


Dear BitMart Users, Community Members, and Partners:

2022, like every other year in crypto, was full of its share of highlights and hardships. Despite the industry challenges of 2022, our mission to bring further economic innovation, efficiency, and equality to you and the world continues unphased. Since our founding in 2017, through the many highs and lows, FUD, bull runs, and everything in-between, our mission has stood the test of time -- and our greatest honor is to continue to serve you in 2023, and beyond.

At the time of this writing Bitcoin trades at around $16,700, down roughly 75% from its all-time high of over $68,000 in November 2021, and ETH sits around $1,230, down from its all-time high of $4,800. While the industry experienced a pullback, BitMart experienced a 23% growth in new users in 2022, and we expanded our products, offerings, and features, like:

  • The addition of 667 tokens on the spot market
  • The release of Margin trading in May, and 
  • The launch of our wildly successful NFT marketplace in June, to name a few. 

But, expanding our products and features was only part of our initiative to continue to earn your trust. In 2022, we focused on increasing our security to help protect us and you from a variety of threats. We upgraded and deployed security tools, updated our world-class security infrastructures, and stringent risk controls to further help protect you and your assets.

As we look into the new year ahead, we are thrilled to look back at the past twelve months at BitMart with you.


BitMart by the Numbers



BitMart Exchange

  • $7.395 billion all-time-high daily trading volume
  • $554 billion total trading volume in 2022 
  • 667 new tokens listed on BitMart 
  • 900+ total trading pairs on BitMart
  • 23,705 NFTs listed on BitMart NFT Marketplace 
  • 40 projects launched on BitMart Launchpad
  • 544,000 Twitter followers
  • 140,000 Telegram members.



BitMart Futures

  • $5.8billion 24hr highest trading volume on BitMart Futures
  • $850 billion total trading volume on BitMart Futures
  • 82 total Futures trading pairs. 
  • Affiliate Program upgraded for Futures Affiliates
  • New functions added:
    • Trailing Stops
    • Position indicator on candlestick chart



BitMart Margin

  • Margin trading is officially launched May 25, 2022
  • 110+ trading pairs added.
  • API function added to Margin trading July 7, 2022
  • 5x leverage becomes available
  • Launched in 60+ countries.

BitMart Earn

  • 455 products supported on BitMart Savings & Staking 
  • Dual Investment launched in July 2022.

BitMart Fiat

  • 60 fiat currencies supported
  • 66 cryptocurrencies supported 
  • Added Pix Payment to better support our Brazilian users
  • Added Legend Trading, allowing users to easily transfer larger fiat sums into a crypto account (fiat-to-crypto).


BitMart NFT

  • June 6, 2022: BitMart NFT Marketplace officially launched (supporting BSC, ETH, and POLYGON networks).
  • 71 NFT collections launched in 2022
  • 23,705 NFTs listed

BitMart Launchpad

  • 40 projects launched on BitMart Launchpad
  • 4,344.44% the highest ROI for a Launchpad.



Award Season Snapshot

Global Events We Hosted and Joined

  • 28 events hosted or attended in 5 countries and 10 cities (US/UK/France/Thailand/Singapore) 
  • 500+ attendees at each of BitMart’s events


BitMart in 2023, Looking Ahead



We’re Going Global
2023 marks an exciting year of opportunity for us to continue to grow the industry and crypto adoption across the planet. In 2022, we set up teams in Singapore, Korea, UK, Brazil, and Argentina to focus on providing all of our users with better experiences. Global expansion in 2023 means providing more tokens and products that match market demands globally and providing enhanced features and experiences to accommodate our users in a variety of expanding markets and cultures.

Building World-Class Security
Security has always been our highest priority. Looking ahead, our team will continue to work alongside cybersecurity experts, regulators, and partners to further strengthen the security of the exchange. In the coming year, we will continue to strengthen our security and risk control systems to continue to help keep you and your assets safe.

Providing Enhanced User Experiences
At BitMart, we have become known for our innovative beginner and advanced trading platform. Building on this, we look to continue to improve our user-experience by seeking more strategic resources, enriching our app experience, and building more professional strategic partnerships to seamlessly deliver our ecosystem to you in helpful, innovative ways.

This past year, we fully upgraded our Rewards Hub with a Task Center. Now, our Rewards Hub includes an NFT Mystery Box that unlocks free tokens or NFTs for new users, as well as lucky draw rewards for tasks like depositing and trading. In 2023, we will continue to expand our programs to engage with our users in new ways.

Growing The Ecosystem
As we expand globally, we will continue to add more projects and tokens to our ecosystem and NFT collections to the BitMart NFT Marketplace. We have a vision for our NFT Marketplace to be a true artist haven and hive for successful NFT collections, and we will continue to build out those offerings for you. Additionally, we continue to test the utilities of NFTs and how it relates to ways that we can bring you even more benefits as a BitMart user in 2023. 

We all know that the crypto markets can be volatile, but our pledge in 2023 is to continue our unwavering dedication to outstanding service and products. Starting the New Year off well, we were honored to learn that we were selected as Investopedia’s 2023 Best Crypto Exchange For Altcoins. Without our user’s continued support and important feedback, 2022 would not have been such a successful year for us – and we owe it all to you. Thank you for your continued loyalty as a BitMartian. We wish you a fruitful and safe year ahead. 

To stay in touch throughout 2023, please connect with us on Twitter | BitMart Research | Facebook | Telegram | Telegram (Asia) | Instagram | Discord

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