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[BitMart India] Claim up to 1500$ in Deposit & Trade Relay! 


Dear BitMart Indian users,


Get ready to rev your engines and race to the finish line with BitMart India's Deposit and Trade Relay! This is your chance to show off your crypto skills and take home some amazing rewards. Each week, a new set of top users will take the baton and sprint to the finish line, where they'll be crowned the winner of the week and win up to 1500$ worth of rewards.

As the previous week's winner passes on the baton, it's up to the next set of participants to pick up the pace and claim their spot at the top.


Duration: 19th Jan - 16th Feb

Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of this thrilling competition and grab up to $1500 rewards and 50% Cashback for each user!

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to earn extra cash and boost your profits. Click the “Join Now” button and start the Deposit & Trade. Let the relay race begin!


1. BitMart India Deposit Relay:

This is a great opportunity for both old and new top depositors to earn a bonus of up to $1500 every week! All you have to do is make a deposit in your USDT-M Account to be eligible to receive this bonus.


Existing Users

First-Time-Deposit Users


10% (upper limit $1000) Trading Bonus Reward based on Net Deposit Amount

15% (upper limit $1500) Trading Bonus Reward based on Net Deposit Amount


8% (upper limit $800) Trading Bonus Reward based on Net Deposit Amount

10% (upper limit $1000)  Trading Bonus Reward based on Net Deposit Amount


5% (upper limit $500) Trading Bonus Reward based on Net Deposit Amount

8%  (upper limit $800) Trading Bonus Reward based on Net Deposit Amount

The ranking will be based on each week's Net Deposit Amount of each Indian user. Effective deposit amount refers to the funds deposited to your USDT-M Account.

The top depositors will receive the largest bonuses, so make sure to deposit as much as you can to increase your chances of earning more. This campaign is a great way to boost your profits and get ahead in the crypto market.


2. BitMart India Trade Relay:

BitMart India Trade Relay is a trading campaign where top Indian traders can show off their skills and win up to 50% Cashback in the form of USDT each week! Start futures trading and see if you have what it takes to come out on top. Trade futures on BitMart and give your Portfolio a huge boost with this Trade Relay.


Existing Users

First-Time-Trade Users


45% cashback on trading fees spent

50% cashback on trading fees spent


40% cashback on trading fees spent

45% cashback on trading fees spent


30% cashback on trading fees spent

35% cashback on trading fees spent

The ranking will be based on each week's Trading Volume of each Indian user. Effective trading volume excludes trading bonus in any form.


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📌Terms and Conditions:

  • All Indian Futures trading users are deemed to participate in the event from Jan 19th - 16th 2023;
  • Only funds deposited and trades made during the event can be used to calculate the reward. Deposits and trades carried out beyond the event period will be excluded;
  • Net deposit amount = Total funds deposited to USDT-M account - Total funds withdrawn from USDT-M account during the event;>>Deposit Now
  • The cashback will only be calculated after the deduction of the rebate fees;
  • Rewards from the event are not cumulative. Users will only receive the reward equivalent to the highest tier attained. 
  • USDT rewards will be issued to your USD-M futures account. Please make sure you have activated futures account, so as not to fail to receive rewards smoothly;>>Activate Now
  • You need to complete advanced identity verification before you can activate your futures account and futures transactions;>>Verify Now
  • The campaign reward will be distributed to your futures account within 7 working days after the campaign ends (except on national holidays and weekends). The validation of trading bonus rewards will be three days. You can visit this link to learn more about futures trading bonuses; 
  • All participating users must strictly abide by the BitMart Terms of Service;
  • BitMart reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities during the event, including bulk-account registrations to farm additional bonuses and any other activities in connection with unlawful, fraudulent, or harmful purposes;
  • BitMart reserves the right to final interpretation for this event. Please contact Customer Support if you have any questions.



Cryptocurrencies are subjected to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their research and invest at their own risk. BitMart will do its best to list only high-quality coins but will not be responsible for your investment losses.  


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