LTO Network (LTO)

1. Project Introduction

LTO Network is an award-winning layer-1 blockchain focused on web3.0 identity, privacy and ownership. It’s hybrid setup allows users and (enterprise) organizations to safely use blockchain solutions under the restrictions of privacy laws like the EU’s GDPR.

LTO Network’s Ownables is the next big step in digital assets. Owners of Ownables truly possess the asset and can determine what the public sees. LTO Network aims to provide tools for content creators to easily issue and create this new form of digital collectibles and the build-in smart contract capabilities opens up a whole new range of possibilities in the world of the NFT enthusiasts.

One of their key Decentralized Identities applications is Proofi. Proofi is powered by Chainlink and offers cross-chain privacy friendly KYC and AML compliance for wallets interacting with platforms like dexes, launchpads and marketplaces. Proofi allows users to participate in Web3.0 projects whilst maintaining their privacy and controlling who they share their data with.


2. Coin Info

  • Token Name: LTO Network
  • Token Symbol: LTO
  • Token Type: Mainnet
  • Total Supply: 409,645,099 LTO


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