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TimeCoinProtocol (TMCN), a Decentralized Sharing Economy Protocol Using the Ethereum Blockchain, to List on BitMart Exchange

BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform, will list TimeCoinProtocol (TMCN) on March 24, 2021. For all BitMart users, the TMCN/BTC trading pair will be officially open for trading at 4:00 AM EDT.


The TimeCoin token (TMCN) is an Ethereum-based, native token created to support the functions of the TimeCoin Protocol, a platform designed by TimeTicket Inc. for facilitating the creation and operation of sharing economy apps on the blockchain. This token will function as a payment method for goods and services, like transaction fees and rewards for platform supporters.

On the TimeCoinProtocol, companies and individuals can provide sharing economy apps, similar to the offering of apps on the App Store and Google Play on smartphones. With the TimeCoinProtocol, users can get quality services for lower fees because they do not need to pay excessive fees to app companies or platforms. Users can also get rewarded with TimeCoin when they use the service through the purchase of TimeTickets, a process known as “time-mining”.

Sheldon Xia, Founder and CEO at BitMart, commented:

“Nowadays, the sharing economy is getting increasingly popular. We are seeing the trend shifting towards sharing intangible experiences. We believe the listing of TMCN on BitMart will help the development of the DeFi ecosystem. The project team has a great vision in mind — to build a fairer sharing economy and contribute to the welfare of all marketplace participants.”

About BitMart

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital assets trading platform with over 2 million users worldwide and ranked among the top crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 365+ trading pairs with one of the lowest trading fees in the market. To learn more about BitMart, visit their website, follow their Twitter, or join their Telegram for more updated news and promotions. Download BitMart App to trade anytime, anywhere.

About TimeCoinProtocol

TimeCoinProtocol provides a platform on which to build a fairer sharing economy. The protocol offers a number of functions including account management, dApp browsing, product or service transactions, settlement, scoring, and token reward allocation. To learn more about TimeCoinProtocol, please visit their website and join their Telegram.

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