Diamond (DMD)

1. Project Introduction

The Jewel of crypto:Founded in 2013, DMD Diamond is constantly evolving and upgrading to new market conditions. Its 2023 upgrade — DMD v4 — features true decentralization, on-chain governance, fast transaction times, low fees, low carbon footprint, security, interoperability, and smart contracts deployment. DMD v4 utilizes the world’s first blockchain with a cooperative HBBFT consensus supplemented by dPOS-based validator election. On top of that, DMD v4 is the first blockchain to implement a sustainable and endless reward mechanic with a low max finite supply of just 4.38 million coins.


2. Token Info

  • Token Name: Diamond
  • Token Symbol: DMD
  • Total Supply: 4,380,000 DMD
  • Token Type: Mainnet


3. Useful Links 

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