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Futures Lucky Draw, Share the 300,000 USDT Prize Pool


Dear BitMart User,

BitMart is excited to announce the launch of the Futures Lucky Draw. Complete the required tasks and get a chance to participate in sharing a 300,000 USDT prize pool. Join now to take part in the lucky draw!


Event Period: 3/14/2023 0:00 AM - 4/14/2023 0:00 AM (UTC)


✨1. Futures deposit rewards structure, Get up to 3,000 USDT

During the event period, transfer funds to the USD-M futures account and conduct futures trading, you can receive corresponding rewards based on your average daily net deposit amount and futures trading volume in the past 5 days, with up to 3,000 USDT. The prize pool has a total of 100,000 USDT shared amount, first come first served. 

Net Deposit Amount



Futures Trading Volume (USDT)
























2. The New User Benefit Tasks

During the event period, users who register and activate BitMart futures accounts can participate in the New User Benefit Tasks. The event will be valid for fifteen (15) days, and any uncompleted tasks will become invalid after the expiration date.

No. Task Reward
1 Complete KYC 2 Verification Draw times +1
2 First futures deposit (≥100 USDT) Draw times +1
3 Futures trading volume ≥1,000 USDT Draw times +1
4 Futures trading volume ≥10,000 USDT Draw times +2
5 Futures trading volume ≥50,000 USDT Advanced draw times +2
6 Cumulative futures trading days ≥7 days Advanced draw times +1


3. Advanced tasks

Users who have activated the futures account before the event can participate in the advanced tasks.

(Advanced tasks can be unlocked after completing all New User Benefit Tasks.  Excluding futures deposit rewards structure)

No. Task Reward
1 (Daily) Futures trading volume ≥1,000 USDT Draw times +1
2 (Daily) Futures trading volume ≥5,000 USDT Draw times +1
3 (Daily) Futures trading volume ≥10,000 USDT Draw times +1
4 (Weekly) Futures trading volume ≥100,000 USDT Advanced draw times +5
5 (Weekly) Futures trading volume ≥300,000 USDT Advanced draw times +10
6 (Weekly) Futures trading volume ≥500,000 USDT Advanced draw times +15
7 (Weekly) Cumulative futures trading days ≥5 days Advanced draw times +1

Every time you successfully invite a friend (maximum 30 people)

(Invited friend futures trading volume ≥500 USDT)

The inviter and invitee each get 10 USDT  

And spot 40% rebate + futures 30% rebate


📌 Event Rules:

1. Before participating in the event, you need to click [Join Now] to join the event.

2. You need to complete KYC level 2 verification before you can activate your futures account and start futures trading. >>Verify Now

3. Futures deposit rewards structure & rules

A) Futures deposit rewards structure   

Net deposit amount: ≥1,000 USDT, earn 10 USDT.

Net deposit amount: ≥5,000 USDT (and) Futures trading volume ≥100,000 USDT, earn 100 USDT.

Net deposit amount: ≥10,000 USDT (and) Futures trading volume ≥200,000 USDT, earn 200 USDT.

Net deposit amount: ≥50,000 USDT (and) Futures trading volume ≥1,000,000 USDT, earn 1,000 USDT.

Net deposit amount: ≥100,000 USDT (and) Futures trading volume ≥3,000,000 USDT, earn 3,000 USDT.

B) Net deposit amount = Deposit amount to USD-M futures account - Withdraw amount from USD-M futures account. The net deposit amount is based on the average daily net deposit amount of the last 5 days, calculated by the formula: {D1+(D1+D2)+(D1+D2+D3)+(D1+D2+D3+D4)+(D1+D2+D3+D4+D5)}/5.  

(Example: A user deposited 100 USDT on Day 1, and deposited 500 USDT on Day 2, and withdrew 200 USDT on Day 3, and there was no change on Day 4 and Day 5. Then the average daily deposited amount of the user in the past 5 days is: (100+600+400+400+400)/5=380, and the user is eligible to receive the first-tier reward.)   

C) You can claim the corresponding tiered rewards only after you meet the daily average deposit/transaction requirements for the past 5 days. You can only claim the deposit reward once. Once claimed, the task reward cannot be redeemed again. You can choose to accumulate the highest value and thereafter only collect the rewards.   

4. Trading volume data is calculated as USD-M and COIN-M trading volume, cumulative trading volume USDT: USD=1:1 conversion.

5. Please claim your draw times. After the task is updated, the draw time will be reset.

6. Invitation task rewards will be distributed statistically every 7 business days, and the maximum number of invitation rewards is 30 people.

7. The event rewards will be distributed to your futures account in the form of futures trading bonuses within 7 business days after the event ends. >>Learn More   

8. The USDT voucher will be issued to your Voucher Center, and the futures trading fee will be automatically deducted for you. >>Learn More

9. The physical rewards will be mailed to eligible users within 15 business days, and our staff will contact you to collect mailing information, so please pay attention to email or SMS notifications. Alternatively, you can choose to convert the rewards into USDT to receive them.

10. Event data statistics are subject to UTC time zone.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Please note that the BitMart Futures service is not available for users located in, established in, or a resident of the following countries: United States, Hong Kong SAR of China, Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Crimea, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Zimbabwe.

2. BitMart reserves the right to cancel the rewards or freeze any accounts suspected of fraudulent activities and reserves all rights for the final explanation of the Campaign.

3. BitMart reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify this campaign if it cannot be executed as planned for any reason including, but not limited to, if fraud, human error, technical failures, or any other factor impairs the integrity or proper functioning of this campaign; or if a virus, bug or other technical problem corrupts the administration, security, or proper play of the campaign as determined by BitMart in its sole discretion.

Risk Warning:

1. Use of BitMart services is entirely at your own risk. All crypto investments, including earnings, are highly speculative in nature and involve substantial risk of loss. Past, hypothetical, or simulated performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

2. The value of digital currencies can go up or down and there can be a substantial risk in buying, selling, holding, or trading digital currencies. You should carefully consider whether trading or holding digital currencies is suitable for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances, and risk tolerance. BitMart does not provide any investment, legal or tax advice.

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