Dreams Quest (DREAMS)

1. Project Introduction

Dreams Quest is an entertainment and mythology project creating an immersive open-world, action-adventure, role playing game (RPG) leveraging web2 mobile and web3 game where players can own their inventory and game assets.

Origins: The Fall of Azoria is the first part in the series being developed. Players find themselves in a fantastical world full of color, vibrancy and mystery, only to discover this paradise is quickly deteriorating. The player's goal is to resolve an evolving threat to Azoria and the other realms, through exploration, conflict and character development to restore the realms before it’s too late. The game is an exclusive invitation mixed together with a unique challenge to travel to a place where we have only dreamed of, but now can experience. Players actions directly impact outcomes, while they race to uncover what happened to the world and discover how their actions impact the world they live in.


2. Token Info

  • Token Name: Dreams Quest
  • Token Symbol: DREAMS
  • Total Supply: 4,000,000,000 DREAMS
  • Token Type: BEP20


3. Useful Links 

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