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Followers view "My Copy Trading" data

Dear BitMart Users,

For the Futures Copy Trading feature, you can click on "My Follow" on the copy-trading homepage to view the data details, including:

  1. Follower Data:
  • Follower Account Funds: shows the current assets of your follow account, including balance, available balance, order margin, position margin, and unrealized profit and loss
  • 7-Day ROI: ROI for the last 7 days = (realized profit in the last 7 days + unrealized profit in current positions) / (opening margin for closed orders in the last 7 days + opening margin in current positions)
  • Cumulative Profit and Loss: the cumulative profit and loss of all follow orders minus the total sharing amount
  • Maximum Drawdown: the maximum drawdown from the highest point to the lowest point in the past 7 days' ROI
  • Trading Days: the number of trading days since the first time the following parameters were set

*The above trading data is updated every 10 minutes

  1. Current Follow: orders that have been opened and are not yet closed

  2. Historical Follow: all follow orders that have been executed

  3. My Trader: the trader that you are currently following, and you will open positions at the same time upon the following trader opening a trade.

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