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Margin for Copy Trading Followers (Copy Trading Mode)

Dear BitMart Users,

For the Futures Copy Trading feature,  "Margin for Copy Trading Followers (Copy Trading Mode)", the copy trading adopts a fixed margin mode, meaning that the margin used for each order in copy trading is fixed according to the user's settings. If the available balance of the copy trading account is insufficient, copy trading cannot be carried out.

Fixed Margin Mode: In this mode, the follower sets a fixed margin amount. The amount of margin remains the same for every copied trade and it is not impacted by the master trader’s margin.

Fixed Multiplier Mode: Followers can configure a multiplier ranging from 0.01 to 100. This means that the follower’s margin for copying trades will be the master trader's margin multiplied by the set multiplier. 

Asset Ratio Mode: 
When selecting this mode for copy trading, followers need to input a multiplier ranging from 0.01 to 100. This multiplier determines the value proportion of their equity assets compared to the equity assets of the Master Trader. After setting the multiplier, for each copy trade, the follower's equity asset ratio is calculated and multiplied by the follower's chosen multiplier. This means that the copy trade is executed based on the follower's asset ratio multiplied by the selected multiplier. 

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