Requirements and Procedures for Applying to Become a Master Trader

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The requirements and procedures for applying to become a master trader, please note the following:


Requirements for Applying to Become a Trading Master

  • Currently no following any other trading masters;

  • Each master trader can only register one account for followed trades.

Procedures for Applying to Become a Trading Master

  • Visit the BitMart website or BitMart APP;
  • On the Futures Copy Trading page, click "Apply to Become a Master Trader";
  • Fill in the required information and read the "BitMart Copy Trading Agreement" before agreeing;
  • Wait for the review process;
  • After the master trader identity is verified and approved, followed trades for the futures will be enabled. If a master trader wants to pause followed trades, they can go to the "Settings" section in the "Personal Details" page for followed trades, and turn off "Futures Followed Trades".

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