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Followers close the copied position

Dear BitMart Users,

For "Followers close the copied position" on BitMart, there are four situations in which the copied position will be closed:

  1. When the master trader closes their position, the copy-trading system will automatically synchronize the closing of your copied position.
  2. Followers can voluntarily close their current copied position.
  3. When the master trader sets a stop-loss or take-profit ratio for the copied position, the followers will also set it up accordingly. When the stop-loss or take-profit is triggered, the copied position will be automatically closed.
  4. When the floating loss amount of the copied position is greater than the available copy-trading assets, the copied position will be automatically closed.

In addition, regarding the display of copied positions in the "Current Positions" section on the futures page:

  1. Each order that the user follows will be displayed in the "Current Positions" section, and copy-trading orders will be distinguished by labels.
  2. Users can close each order individually or close all orders with one click in the "Current Orders" section.
  3. User's own positions and copy-trading positions will not be merged.
  4. When a user follows multiple traders with the same trading pair, the system will prioritize the first trader that the user follows.

For example, if User A first follows master trader B, and then follows master trader C, and both master traders open a position for the same trading pair of BTC/USDT with a leverage of 100x, and master trader B opens a long position of 100 contracts at a price of 13,000 USDT, while master trader C opens a long position of 100 contracts at a price of 14,000 USDT, User A will follow master trader B's position.

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