Humanode (HMND)

1. Project Introduction.


Humanode is a substrate based standalone Layer 1 where sybil-resistance is provided through private decentralized biometric verification of human existence and uniqueness instead of PoW and PoS. The key is that a validator Human node can only deploy one node and that all nodes are equal in terms of validation and voting power, or how they usually put it "1 human = 1 node = 1 vote".


The uniqueness and liveness of humans behind nodes is checked by an AI which determines whether a person is unique and whether he is alive through a multitude of facial recognition modules. The biometric processing is conducted in a private and decentralized way so that there is no Personal Identifiable Information or biometric data that can be reverted back into its original state.


The main goal of Humanode is to create a truly distributed, democratic and sybil-resistant blockchain Layer 1 owned by millions of human nodes in an equal share.



2. Coin Info

  • Token Name: Humanode
  • Token Symbol: HMND
  • Total Supply: 400,000,000 HMND


3. Useful Links


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