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BitMart Will Support ULX Fixed Savings Soon!

Dear BitMart Users:


ULX Fixed Savings will be available at 11:00 AM June 1, 2023 (UTC). Make sure you mark the date and time so you won't miss it!


ULX Fixed Savings will offer 30-day basic financial products in ULX.

  • 30-DAY: 100% APY

For example, User A has subscribed for 10,000 ULX with a 30-day lock-up period. After the product matures, the interest earned by user A is 10,000 * 100% * 30/365 = 821.9178 ULX.


What is BitMart Fixed savings? 

Fixed savings pays interest on cryptocurrencies deposited during a pre-set duration (7 days/14 days/30 days).

For Fixed Savings, users cannot redeem funds before the pre-set redemption date. The funds will be redeemed automatically on the redemption date, and both the principal and interest will be paid to the spot wallet, with no transfer or redemption fees.


How to use BitMart Fixed savings?

  • Users can subscribe within the period with limited volume, first come first served.
  • Please make sure there are enough available funds in the account when subscribing. Our system will calculate the interest of the expected return after redemption according to the subscription volume.
  • After the successful subscription, our system will change the status of account assets from available to locked. Users can check the details of the assets held on their assets page.
  • When the product matures, it will be redeemed automatically, and the principal and investment return will be paid at once. Users can check the balance status in the assets list.


Terminology Explanation

  • Annualized interest rate: annualized interest rate refers to the rate of return gained during the investment period of one year;
  • Duration: Duration refers to the time when their assets are locked. During this period, the fund is locked and cannot be traded or withdrawn by the user;
  • Total amount / Total subscription amount: it refers to the total amount of financial products issued;
  • Time of interest accrual: the time of interest (return) accrual after subscription;
  • Expected revenue:  expected revenue refers to the revenue based on known information if there are no unexpected events happening. The platform calculates the income formula with subscription amount * annualized interest rate * lock-up days / 365.
  • Redemption date: the ending date of the investment product when the payback automatically returns to the available balance.


Please Note That...

  • Only registered BitMart users can subscribe to the products.
  • For this Fixed Savings product, the total available subscription volumes of FND are 1,340,000 ULX.
  • BitMart reserves all rights for the final explanation.


Thank you for your support! 

BitMart Team

June 1, 2023

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