API Key Creation and Broker Trading Guide

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Please follow these steps below to create an API key and start broker trading:


Step 1: Login;

API guide1.png


Step 2: Click Account tab;

API Guide2.png

Step 3: Click API Management tab;

API Guide 3 Real.png

Step 4: Create your API KEY

API Guide4.png


Step 5: Create Successfully. The Secret Key will only be displayed once. Please copy and save.

API Guide5.png


Step 6: Click the Confirm button to exit. Now you can use your new API.


Step 7: Now that you have an API key, you can access one of BitMart’s brokers:

Step 8: Create an account with one of the brokers, and connect the broker to BitMart with your API key.


Step 9: Congrats! Now you can start trading through brokers!


Step 10: Additionally, you can:



Q1. Will different API KEY in the same account return different data?

Different API KEY data under the same account is the same.


Q2. How to fill information in when applying for API KEY?

1. `memo` is provided by the user, it can be any string, used to confuse the signature algorithm

2. Binding ip is optional, it is recommended to fill in for account security

3. API permissions can be checked according to user needs


Q3. How is the HTTP status code 429 created?

The request interface exceeds the access frequency limit, it is recommended to reduce the access frequency.


Q4. Using ccxt, the API KEY is correctly filled in, but it will also prompt 'message': 'Header X-BM-SIGN is wrong'

The parameter uid of ccxt needs to be filled in as the memo when creating the API

Here is an example of initialization:


bitmart = ccxt.bitmart({

'apiKey': 'your_api_key',

'secret': 'your_api_secret',

'uid': 'your_api_memo' // not your uid, is the api memo



Q5. The program I wrote myself always prompts 'message': 'Header X-BM-SIGN is wrong'

Please refer to Quick Access API, select the language you use, and there are correct signature methods for reference.


Q6. Where is the location of BitMart servers?

We are using Google Cloud Services and deployed in Taiwan.


Q7. When will the VIP fee I applied for take effect?

We will update on the 8th, 18th and 28th of every month.

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