Copy Trading Market Order Slippage Protection Mechanism

Regardless of whether the Master trader places a limit order, market order, or planned order, the Follower will uniformly execute copy trading using market orders. Limit orders and planned orders will be executed as market orders by the Follower after the Master trader's order has been completely filled.

BitMart will assess the price difference by comparing the Master trader's average execution price with the current latest market price before executing the market order for the Follower. If the slippage is ≤ 0.5%, the market order will be executed. If the slippage is > 0.5%, the copy trading will not be initiated. Due to market fluctuations and varying liquidity across different trading pairs, there is still a possibility of slippage exceeding 0.5% after the Follower's order is executed. Closing orders will be directly executed as market orders without slippage assessment. Please be mindful of risk control factors.

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