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BitMart Account Cancellation Procedure and Requirements Guide

Before you apply or proceed with the account cancellation request, BitMart will conduct verifications to ensure the security of your account and assets. Please ensure that your account meets the following conditions:

  1. The account is in a normal state (free from transaction disputes, unrestricted account functions, and unfrozen assets).
  2. There are no ongoing transactions in the account, including Spot, Margin, Futures, Earn, and NFT.
  3. Withdraw all assets from the account. If there are digital assets that cannot be withdrawn, the remaining balance must not exceed 5 USDT.

Cancellation Procedure:

1. Log in to your account using the BitMart App and click on your avatar in the upper left corner.01.png

2. Click on the account at the top to access the menu bar02.png

3. Select Account Cancellation at the bottom.


4. Click Next at the bottom.


Important Note: Cancelling a BitMart account is an irreversible action. It is your responsibility to independently back up information and data associated with the BitMart account. Once the account is cancelled, it cannot be used again.

For any additional inquiries, please contact or submit a request through this form (Submit a request – BitMart).

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