Titan Token (TTT)

1. Project Introduction

We are delighted to initiate the exchange listing process for Titan Finance, a pioneering decentralized financial super app reshaping the landscape of modern finance. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Titan Finance has garnered widespread recognition for its multifaceted ecosystem, comprising a decentralized social trading app, e-commerce platform, AMM Forex DEX, and a seamless payment system powered by the TTT token.
Our aim in pursuing this exchange listing is to extend the accessibility of TTT tokens to a wider audience of traders and investors. By partnering with reputable exchanges known for their security, liquidity, and global presence, we strive to introduce our token to a diverse community of users, fostering liquidity and expanding avenues for engagement.


2. Token Info

  • Token Name: Titan Token
  • Token Symbol: TTT
  • Total Supply: 360,000,000 TTT
  • Token Type: BEP20


3. Useful Links 

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