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BitMart P2P Ads Post Requirements

Before we get started, please ensure you meet the following requirements for P2P ads: 

  • Registered BitMart Account for more than 3 days
  • Completed KYC2 identity verification and SMS authentication
  • Completed a minimum of 3 P2P orders
  • Maintained a 30-day P2P order completion rate of at least 80%
  • Completed P2P trades with at least 3 unique counterparties

P2P Marketplace Ads Post Guidance

  • You can only post Ads in the P2P marketplace if you've completed your KYC2 verification. Click here to check your verification status. 
  • Once you've completed your verification requirements, go to the marketplace, and click 'Create Ads'. Follow the instructions on screen and fill in the ad details. 


1. Set your Ads’ type 

  • First, choose the “Buy” or “Sell” Ad type, then select the crypto asset and the fiat currency. 


2. Set trading amount, payment method and more details of your Ads 

  • Next, enter the total trading amount and order limit and add a maximum of three payment methods. Then, set the payment time limit for buyers to complete the payment before the order gets canceled. 
    • The total trading amount is how much you are willing to trade from your portfolio. 
    • The order limit refers to the minimum and maximum amount required for each trade.  
    • BitMart P2P supports various payment methods, so you will likely find one that corresponds with your needs. 
  • Before you post your P2P Ads, please make sure you meet the following criterias : 
    • Sufficient crypto balance in your account 
    • Reasonable price in the range of the current market price 
    • Make sure your status is online while the order is active 
  • Your ads will be hidden from the marketplace if: 
    • You run out of crypto on your Ads 
    • Your Ads price is set out of range from the current market price 
    • Your verification isn't complete 
    • You have set your user status to 'Offline' 


3. Provide additional information for your Ads  

  • This last step is optional but can help make your ad more user-friendly. 
    • Provide relevant information about what to expect in the “terms” section.  
    • Include additional instructions in an “auto-reply message” that will be sent to the counterparty after they complete the trade.- 
    • Filter who you want to trade with by setting the counterparty conditions. Do note that the stricter your counterparty conditions, the fewer people your ad will reach. 


P2P Marketplace Ads Management 

1. Where can I manage my Ads? 

  • You can find all your ads on the My Ads page. 
  • If you want your ad to be seen publicly in the marketplace, don't forget to select 'Public' during the ad creation. 


2. How do I share ads? 

  • You can share an ad using a QR code or URL link. 
  • Go to My Ads page, select the ad you would like to share. Make sure it's set to 'Active' and your user status to 'Online' to be able to accept orders. 
  • Click 'Share' and select your preferred sharing method. 


3. How do I edit or delete the ad? 

  • You can go to My Ads page to edit or delete the ad. 
  • If you delete the ad, it will be removed from the marketplace instantly. 
  • If you edit the ad, the changes will be effective instantly as well. 

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