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BitMart P2P Merchant Guideline

Basic Merchant Requirements

  1. Register and complete BitMart Account Advanced KYC
  2. Complete SMS and email authentication.
  3. Provide Proof of residential address
  4. Deposit a minimum of 100 USDT in your funding wallet.
  5. Merchants are required to be online and actively respond to messages when they have orders in progress.
  6. Merchants should change their status to offline and hide their pending orders if they cannot respond to messages in time.


BitMart P2P Merchant Program

  Verified Merchant Diamond Merchant
  • Register and complete BitMart Account Advanced KYC
  • Complete SMS and email authentication
  • Deposit no less than 100 USDT in your funding wallet
  • Being a verified merchant for no less than 30 days
  • Monthly order volume >100
  • Monthly order volume >10,000 USDT
  • Number of trading users per month > 50
  • Monthly order fulfillment rate of 90% or more
*Or deposit no less than 50,000 USDT to upgrade to Diamond status directly
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Zero transaction fee for buy/sell advertisements
  • Post buy/sell orders
  • Max of 10 pending orders
  • Limit of 10,000 USD per transaction
  • Exclusive badge
  • Priority recommendation for pending orders
  • Exclusive customer service support
  • Zero transaction fee for buy/ sell advertisements
  • Max of 20 pending orders
  • Limit of 150,000 USD per transaction


Merchant Verification Application Process

  1. Complete BitMart account registration and pass Advanced KYC.
  2. Fill in the P2P merchant application form with a valid cell phone number, email address, and other required information to submit the application. At the same time, ensure that there is an efficient balance in the funding wallet of the BitMart account not less than the amount of deposit required for verification.
  3. The BitMart team will review the application within 7 working days and notify the user of the review result by email.


Merchant Performance Review Process

  1. Every 30 days, the BitMart team will conduct a round of merchant performance reviews, dynamically adjusting merchant levels based on indicators such as transaction volume, number of users, turnover rate, margin, and compliance with rules; 
  2. Merchants who meet the Diamond Merchant criteria will be automatically upgraded to receive the Diamond Merchant benefits;
  3. Merchants who fail to meet the criteria will be automatically downgraded.


Code of Conduct for Merchants

P2P merchants are required to strictly abide by BitMart P2P User Transaction Policy during the transaction process, and will be immediately disqualified as a certified merchant if any of the following conditions occur:

  • Delaying or refusing to respond to user's messages
  • Being complained by the counterparty more than 3 times in the course of trading, and being judged as the party at fault
  • Charging additional transaction fees in violation of the law
  • Maliciously leaking user information
  • Fraudulent, false, or inaccurate information in application materials
  • Engaging in dishonest behavior such as fraud in the transaction
  • Refusing or delaying the customer service of the platform to process orders in an active or passive manner.
  • Maliciously utilizing the platform rules to make profits
  • Contacting users to conduct transactions outside the platform
  • Engaging in behavior that the platform determines is inconsistent with fair trade

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