1. Project Introduction

$BOZO is the official community token for Bozo Collective. This is a deflationary token supported by various DApps under the Bozo umbrella. The DApps include but are not limited to BOZOsniper (A tool for trading SPL tokens on Solana), BozoSwap (a token swap for your favorite memecoins with rewards for trading), BozoWheel (A game where you can deposit $BOZO and spin for prizes).

$BOZO is supported by a huge community of thousands of users and traders. All brought together by the same mission statement: "Bozos are Better."

In broader terms this means Bozos strive to do better than the competition while growing our brand and tool suite.



2. Coin Info

  • Token Name: $BOZO
  • Token Symbol: BOZO
  • Token Type: SOL
  • Total Supply: 93,589,663,928,902.61 BOZO
  • Circulating Supply:  70,596,511,381,399.13 BOZO



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