2023 BitMart Annual Inscription Awards Winners Announcement

Dear BitMart Users,

Since its inception, BitMart Exchange has led the cryptocurrency community by providing secure, reliable, and innovative trading services. To honor exceptional projects that excelled on BitMart Exchange in the past year, we proudly present the first BitMart Annual Inscription Awards! This event acknowledges and promotes projects driving innovation, excellence, and leadership in the BitMart Inscriptions Market, earning popularity among our users. The highly anticipated selection has concluded flawlessly. Congratulations to the distinguished Inscription projects recognized:

  • For more details about the selection criteria for each award, please refer to our announcement.
  • For more information on the voting results of the 'Best Popularity Recognition' award, check out the Voting Results.

The 2023 BitMart Annual Inscription Awards are a prestigious acknowledgment of projects that have excelled on our platform, representing our commitment to excellence and innovation. These awards signify the contributions and advancements these inscribed projects have made to the cryptocurrency community, and our confidence in the future. Let us celebrate this success together and look forward to future achievements and developments!


BitMart Team

January 26, 2024


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