BitMart Inscriptions Market: 2023 Recap & Future Insights

In 2023, "Inscriptions" became a hot topic in the cryptocurrency space. Starting from March, this concept rapidly gained attention across major communities, reaching its peak with the surge in the ORDI’s price in November. During this dynamic year in the Inscriptions Market, BitMart achieved remarkable milestones, proudly contributing to the sector's innovation and growth. Let's review these highlights and explore BitMart's future vision as a one-stop Inscriptions ecosystem in the Web3 industry.

Leading the Trading Market for Inscriptions

In December 2023, BitMart pioneered the professional order-book-based Inscriptions Market. Leveraging robust project discovery and market expansion capabilities, BitMart integrated multiple protocol standards and indexers, including BRC-20, ARC-20, ASC-20, NostrAssets, Ethscriptions, and DRC-20. Currently, BitMart has listed nearly 50 Inscription tokens, such as ORDI, SATS, AINN, MMSS, ATOMARC, AVAV, and ETHS, thereby establishing a leading position in terms of the variety and quantity of Inscription assets among centralized exchanges.

BitMart maintains timely and diverse listings of high-quality Inscriptions assets, ensuring high liquidity in the trading market and the robustness of services and products. With a commitment to providing a user-friendly and efficient trading experience, BitMart enables users to focus on selecting and trading Inscriptions assets effortlessly.

BitMart's strong market position is evident, accounting for over 20% of the trading volume in the entire market and reaching as high as 80% for specific Inscription tokens.

Addressing market challenges, BitMart elevates Inscription trading with its hassle-free order-book-based trading opportunities, enhancing user trading experiences and allowing them to focus on Inscriptions asset selection and trading.


Deep Collaboration with Inscriptions Ecosystem

BitMart engaged in extensive collaborations with various Inscriptions projects, co-hosting Twitter AMA events to facilitate community engagement and interaction. Since December 2023, BitMart, in collaboration with Meta Era Media, successfully co-organized 18 Twitter AMAs featuring Inscriptions projects such as SATS, AVAV, and MMSS. These activities garnered widespread community attention, with an average of over 8,000 tuned-in listeners per AMA and a record-breaking total of 87,000 listeners for the AMA with NEWU on January 18, 2024. This close collaboration boosted the promotion of Inscriptions projects and fostered a vibrant community within BitMart's ecosystem.

Furthermore, these collaborations kept users informed about Inscriptions projects and offered project teams a direct platform for interaction and information dissemination. Through co-hosted Twitter AMAs, BitMart efficiently conveyed firsthand project details, aiding users in making informed investment decisions. These interactive sessions not only facilitated community communication but also fostered an open and transparent atmosphere, introducing high-quality Inscriptions projects to users and collectively driving the market's prosperity.


Hosting the BitMart Annual Inscription Awards

In January 2024, we proudly announced the inaugural BitMart Annual Inscription Awards, designed to recognize outstanding projects in the Inscriptions field over the past year. This annual event aims to acknowledge and encourage projects that have demonstrated innovation, excellence, and leadership in the Inscriptions market. The awards provide a stage for projects to showcase their achievements, fostering excellence and innovation within the Inscriptions market.

The BitMart Annual Inscription Awards serve as a prestigious acknowledgment of projects that have excelled on our platform and reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation. These awards signify the outstanding contributions of Inscriptions projects to the cryptocurrency community and showcase our confidence in the future.


Creating a Web3 One-Stop Inscriptions Ecosystem

Looking ahead, BitMart will continue to play a leading and indispensable role in the technological evolution and growth of the Inscriptions Market. We are committed to supporting Inscriptions assets based on standards like SRC-20 and PRC-20, providing a comprehensive and professional market liquidity solution for blockchain innovators and investors. Simultaneously, we plan to activate the Inscriptions Market Data Center, which is expected to support popular Inscriptions protocols across various chains, including BRC-20, ARC-20, ERC-20, ASC-20, offering real-time information on current popular mintable Inscriptions, holder data, and transaction data.

Our goal is to make significant contributions to the continuous development of the Inscriptions ecosystem and become a leader in the Inscriptions Market. By delivering excellent one-stop Inscriptions services, we actively participate in and drive the industry's overall development, enabling more people to deeply engage in the innovation and transformation of blockchain technology. Together with BitMart, we look forward to witnessing the prosperity and progress of the Inscriptions field, opening a new chapter in the future of digital assets.


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