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How to Sell Cryptocurrency on BitMart P2P Website

  1. Log in to your BitMart account and go to [Buy & Sell] - [P2P Trading].


  1. Select [Sell], You can filter all P2P advertisements using the filters, including the [crypto] you want to sell, the [Fiat] you want to receive. You can also select [Payment Methods] and [Ads Type] if you have any preference.


  1. Click [Sell] next to your preferred ad.


  1. Confirm the order details. Enter the amount of crypto to sell, and the system will automatically calculate the amount of fiat you can get. Click [Sell].



  1. The order status will be shown as [Pending buyer’s payment]. The buyer should transfer the funds to you via your preferred payment method within the time limit. You may use the chat box on the right to contact the buyer.


  1. After the buyer makes the payment, the order status will change to [Verify Payment]. Always confirm that you have received the buyer’s payment in your bank account or wallet before clicking [Payment Received] and [Confirm Release]. DO NOT release crypto to the buyer if you haven’t received their payment.


  1. You'll be prompted to confirm you have received the correct fiat amount from the buyer and agree to release crypto. Click [Confirm Release].


  1. The crypto will be released after completing the security verification requirements.

  2. After the order is complete, you can reorder again with the same buyer or give them feedback.


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