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How to Buy Cryptocurrency on BitMart P2P Website

Before trading on the P2P market, you need to add your preferred payment methods first. For more    details, please refer to How to Add New Payment Methods for P2P Trading.

  1.  Log in to your BitMart account and go to [Buy & Sell] - [P2P Trading].


  1. Select [Buy], You can filter all P2P advertisements using the filters, including the [crypto] you want to buy, the [Fiat] you want to receive. You can also select [Payment Methods] and [Ads Type] if you have any preference.

    Click [Buy] next to the preferred offer.


  1. Confirm the fiat currency you want to use and the crypto you want to buy. Enter the amount of fiat currency to use, and the system will automatically calculate the amount of crypto you can get. Click [Buy].


  1. Confirm Order Details and Click [Confirm].


  1. You will see the seller’s payment details. Please transfer to the seller’s preferred payment method within the time limit. You may use the [Chat] function on the right to contact the seller.

    After you have made the transfer, click [Confirm Payment].


Important Note: You need to transfer the payment directly to the seller through a bank transfer or other third-party payment platforms based on the seller's payment information. If you have already transferred payment to the seller, do not click [Cancel] unless you have already received a refund from the seller in your payment account. Do not click [Confirm payment] unless you have paid the seller.


  1. After the seller confirms your payment, they will release the cryptocurrency to you and the transaction is considered completed. You can click [View assets] to view the assets.


If you cannot receive the cryptocurrency within  a reasonable time frame after clicking [Confirm payment], you can click [Need help?] to contact BitMart Customer Support agents for assistance.







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