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How to Post P2P Trading Advertisements on BitMart Website?

Please Note: If you want to post Buy Crypto Advertisements, you have to apply to be a verified merchant. Normal users can only create Sell Crypto Advertisements.

  1. Log in to your BitMart account and go to the P2P trading page. Click [Create ad].


  1. Select the ad type (buy or sell), asset, and fiat currency. Set the total trading amount, unit price, and single transaction limit. Then click [Next].


  1. Select payment methods, then click [Create ad].


  1. Set the ad requirements as your preference, include Sign-up date, Payment timeout, Available countries, and add the Ad information.


You can add the following information to your ad:

  • Remarks: A reference for users before they place the order.
  • Counterparty conditions: Users who do not meet the conditions won’t be able to place an order.
  • After setting up the conditions, click [Publish ad].
  1. After you publish your Ad, you can click [Share] to share your Ads to potential counterparties.





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