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Announcement on the delisting of DOGA

Dear BitMart Users,


Per DOGA's request, BitMart decided to delist DOGA Token, deposit feature has been suspended, and related trading pairs (shown as below) will be suspended at 10:00 PM on Mar. 4, 2024 (UTC). Users should cancel their orders of the affected digital assets from our platform. If your order is not canceled in time, the order will be canceled by the system and your assets will be credited to your trading account.


Click to check: Rules Governing Suspension, Concealment and Delisting of Trading Pairs, and Transactions.


For users holding the affected assets, please withdraw them to other platforms or your wallet as soon as possible. The withdrawal of DOGA assets will be closed at 10:00 PM UTC on May 4, 2024.  


Note: Not withdrawing related tokens timely may result in assets loss. BitMart will not be responsible for any assets loss caused by doing so.


Thank you for your understanding and support! 



BitMart Team

Mar. 4, 2024


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