NetMind Token (NMT)

1.Project Introduction

NetMind Power is a platform for Machine Learning and AI training, fine-tuning and inference, aimed at machine learning professionals, researchers, and software developers.
NetMind's mission is to create a global network of computing power for AI models by utilizing the idle GPUs of users worldwide. As part of this mission, NetMind Power provides a platform for large-scale distributed computing, integrating heterogeneous computing resources globally, and leveraging grid and voluntary computing scheduling architecture and load balancing technology.
NetMind aims to democratize access to computing power for businesses and research institutions, making it easier and more affordable for them to develop and run their AI models though a low-latency, widely-connected, and easy-to-manage distributed deep learning training and inference platform.

2. Coin Info

  • Token Name: NetMind Token
  • Token Symbol: NMT
  • Token Type: BEP20
  • Total Supply: 109,697,888 NMT
  • Circulating Supply: -


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