Edge Matrix Computing (EMC)

1. Project Introduction

EMC is a leading #DeAI and #DePIN project, effectively bridging AI computing networks and AI application ecosystems. It stands as an innovator and pioneer in the AI+Web3 field. Apart from establishing a leading AI DePIN distributed network based on GPU assets, offering limitless, real-world usable computing power, EMC also provides a one-stop development environment and monetization method for AI developers. Moreover, it offers the largest global AI app discovery and aggregation platform for end-users. EMC has issued the world's first GPU #RWA, providing new asset forms and liquidity to the crypto market. Innovatively adopting a dual-deflation tokenomics model, EMC fully unleashes the power of Web3 in the AI era, continuously creating incremental value. EMC drives the expansion of the computing network through AI applications, establishing an integrated AI application ecosystem, with the goal of becoming a decentralized "OpenAI."


2. Coin Info

  • Token Name: Edge Matrix Computing
  • Token Symbol: EMC
  • Token Type: ARBI
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 EMC


3. Useful Links

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