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BMX Destroyed Announcement

Dear BitMart Users,

Thank you for all support from the community. Based on the pre-established rules, we have destroyed all unsold tokens.

We were planning to sell 400,000,000 BMX in total. Due to the ETH price fluctuation, we adjusted the sell plan for the public sale.

We sold 100,000,000 BMX during the whitelist phase and gave out 10,580,305 as the bonus. During the public sale phase, we sold 47,152,410 tokens.  The remaining BMX tokens were 242, 267, 285.

As a result, we have destroyed 242, 267, 285 BMX. 

The txid is: 0xb93354bd2ae9fe3e0c01fbb04274e475cc4dfa521ef5d8a1a3c66fbf1dcd007d

You can view information regarding this transaction at:

Best of wishes,

BitMart Team

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