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About BMX

1. What Is BMX: 

BMX is an ERC20 based token issued by BitMart with total volume of 1,000,000,000.

  • Name: BitMart Token
  • Circulating Supply: 173,719,945 BMX
  • Maximum Supply: 640,881,616 BMX
  • Listing Price($): 0.13 USD
  • Listing Date: March 2018

2. Offering Scheme:

BitMart platform will issue exactly 1 billion BitMart coins (BMX). The specific offering methods are as follows:



3. Benefits of BMX Token:

3.1 Deduction of (BitMart) Platform Transaction Fee with Discounts:

When users conduct transactions on BitMart, they will get a discount on the transaction fee if they have BMX, no matter what tokens they trade. Based on the current market value, the system will convert the amount to be paid into equivalent amount of BMX and then the payment will be made with BMX.

3.2 Repurchase Mechanism:

When BitMart is launched online, the BitMart team will take out 20% of the income earned from trading fees on the platform every month to repurchase BMX. The repurchased BMX will be destroyed completely and repurchase records will be released immediately. Users can check related information via the blockchain browser so that openness and transparency are guaranteed. The repurchase mechanism will continue to work until 500 million BMX are destroyed.


3.3 Mission X

Users can invest in the next crypto unicorn with BMX, and earn unlimited trading fee dividends. Simply by choosing your preferred token and lock BMXs you can earn trading fee dividends. Projects will be listed on BMX Market when the total investment reaches 1 million BMX. 100% of the trading fees will be rewarded to project supporters based on the percentage of their invested BMX.



3.4 Vote For Your Coin

Users can participate in BitMart’s Vote For Your Coin campaign using BMX and help their favourite projects get listed on BitMart for free! Ever since the first “Vote for Your Coin” campaign launched in February 2018, BitMart has successfully conducted three rounds of voting campaigns. More than 50 projects actively participated in those campaigns. Until now, BitMart has listed four projects who received the most community support on BitMart Exchange for free! The Vote For Your Coin Round 4 is now live! 


4. Release Plan:

The tokens held by the founding team will be locked and then gradually released within 3 years.
Released initially: 25% (75 million); Released after 1st year: 25% (75 million); Released after 2nd year: 25% (75 million); Released after 3rd year: 25% (75 million).

5. Use Of Funds:

The BitMart team mainly uses funds for daily operation, technical development, business expansion and so on.


6. How To Buy BMX:

Please visit and follow our Deposit and Withdrawal Guide to purchase BMX.


7. Contract Address:


(Please do not transfer BMX to this address, otherwise it can not be retrieved.)

8. Useful Links:

To Learn More About BitMart:














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