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Announcement on the plan for EOS Main Net Swap

Dear BitMart Users,

Since the EOS main net will be launched recently, holders of EOS, ERC20 need to complete the mapping before the launch. Otherwise, they will not be able to receive the main net assets. To safeguard our users' assets, BitMart will support automatic EOS mapping and users can receive the main net assets without manual operation.

Further information regarding the plan for EOS main net swap are as follows:

  1. EOS deposits and withdrawals will be suspended starting from 7PM EDT on May 30, 2018.
  2. BitMart will initiate the main net swap procedure on May 30, 2018 (EDT).
  3. We will reopen the EOS deposits and withdrawals once we deem the EOS main net to be stable.

Note: To avoid any loss of assets, please ensure that you leave sufficient time for your EOS deposits to be processed prior to 7PM EDT on May 30, 2018.

Risk Warning: This announcement is only intended to be a legal disclosure to BitMart users. This is not investment advice, or an endorsement by BitMart as to the intrinsic value of a digital asset, or a commitment by BitMart team to support any specific asset/token that the announcement pertains to.

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BitMart Team

May 29, 2018

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