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BitMart Exchange Debuts on NASDAQ MarketSite Overlooking NYC’s Times Square

Cover.jpegBitMart Lights Up the World’s Most Visible LED Screen

BitMart's ad ran on the NASDAQ Tower in the northwest corner of the bottom of Times Square. The NASDAQ Tower is considered the most visible LED video display in Times Square and is one of the most valuable advertising spaces in the world. It is used to celebrate corporate milestones. Advertising BitMart on the display tower signifies that digital asset trading platforms have entered into the mainstream.

BitMart launched its platform in March 2018. The platform now has 18 trading pairs available and is continuing to list new coins every week. With more than 400,000 users from over 160 countries, BitMart has built a team of top industry professionals from all over the world including the United States, Russia, India, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

It goes a long way to build trust in the crypto market, so BitMart has a strong team of developers to ensure the security of users’ assets and transactions. In addition to purchasing space in Times Square, BitMart’s Marketing team has built awareness through social and native advertising, engaged in large-scale blockchain events, forums, and international conferences in the fintech and blockchain industry. They also have a strong Legal Compliance team that provides a full range legal consultation and that helps to create competitive strategies within the current legal framework of the world.


Vision of the Future: A Whole-network Trading Platform

BitMart currently implements a 0% trading fee which is very rare compared to other participants in the market. BitMart recently launched a Millions of Cryptocandy Airdrop as well where registered users can claim free BTC, ETH, EOS, VEN, ABT, XLM, MOBI, BMX and many more tokens listed on BitMart daily by visiting

In an effort to reward users even further, BitMart is also hosting a Vote for Your Coin – Round 2 Campaign to let users vote for their favorite coins to be listed on BitMart Exchange. The winner will be listed without a listing fee. Participants can also vote for free, unlike most campaigns by other exchanges, and have a chance to win free tokens for promoting the coin of their choice on social media. 

BitMart’s short-term goal is to propel BitMart into the top 10 for global cryptocurrency exchanges and to reach a global website traffic ranking within the top 50,000. BitMart’s long-term goal is to become a whole-network trading platform providing one-stop financial solutions for cryptocurrency trading, as well as small business enterprises.

When asked about the future vision for BitMart, Founder & CEO Sheldon Xia, stated recently, “I hope BitMart will become a fast and reliable exchange for users trading digital assets, as well as one that brings more innovation to the industry.” 

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