BitKan (KAN)

1. Programme Name


2. Project Introduction

The main project team comes from BITKAN, which currently provides price monitoring, news and information, mining monitoring, wallet and other services for cryptocurrencies. Users can store cryptocurrencies simply, conveniently and safely through the BITKAN app. At the same time, they can check the market price of cryptocurrencies of major exchanges in real time, get timely and fresh industry information at home and abroad, and set up price reminders by BITKAN app. And it has real-time mining monitoring, which allows you to master the running condition of the mining machine whenever and wherever possible.

The token is called "KAN". A strict limit of 10 billion KAN will be issued, and will never be increased.  KAN will be issued according to the Ethereum ERC 20 standard. KAN's profit comes mainly from the payment fees, exchange fees, and membership service fees from the BITKAN platform. 

BITKAN is already online. The team is currently developing the "K Site" feature which is a decentralized cryptocurrency-concentrated & content payment community. KAN will be online at the same time as the "K Site" feature, which is scheduled in May 2018. 

3. Distribution

Total Supply:  10,000,000,000

Token in Circulation:  Currently 0.  Will release 5,125,000,000 in May 2018

Token Price: 1ETH= 113636 KAN

Token Distribution: 

  • 45% of the total amount will be raised from institutional investors, mainly towards early investors and cooperative enterprises;
  • 35% of the total amount of tokens will be used for the operation of this project. This part of the fund will spend on ecosystem development, legal compliance, marketing and business development, etc.
  • 20% of the total amount will be reserved for the core team, which will be used for team stimulation. 

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