1. Introduction

AISI Coin is the token distributed by AISI, the first blockchain community in China. AISI Coin was founded in Shanghai ICE café in 2013. Aiming to engage the community consensus with blockchain development, AISI created the IGO (Initial Group-Token Offering) model. Based on this community consensus, AISI had presented a total number of 500 tokens to its community members on June 1st, 2018.

It was reported that the entire process, including confirming community consensus, releasing tokens, and initiative listing on exchanges, took less than 24 hours. In addition, quite a few well-known blockchain organizations, such as Cobo, BitPoint, and ColdLar claimed to provide relevant services and support for AISI.

2. Contract address


3. Value

  • Blockchain stands for the value of equity and justice. Therefore, any member of AISI community can ONLY have ONE AISI token.
  • AISI manages most of its community on the WeChat platform. The community consists of multiple WeChat groups at the platform’s maximum capacity of 500 members per group.
  • As the first blockchain community, AISI exists as a milestone in the history of blockchain development. The release of the AISI token does not translate to ambitions of an AISI ICO. Instead, it serves as a symbol of AISI’s utmost comprehension of the blockchain industry and of this era.

4. Features

“One token for each member” is the mission and foundation of the AISI community. The token value is synchronized with the internal value within the community. Ownership of the token and participation in the community, instead of speculation, has proven to be an effective method to continually increase the token’s value. As a result, more than half of the AISI token owners from this community have achieved financial freedom. Some community members are still staying active as leaders in the industry.

AISI token is marked as an experimental, yet an extraordinary example of a revolutionary change in the history of blockchain industry.

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