Effect.AI (EFX)

1. Introduction

Effect.AI is a decentralized platform for Artificial Intelligence.

The Artificial Intelligence market is growing at a remarkable rate, but it’s becoming less accessible with each passing moment. Large corporations, like Google, Facebook and Amazon are pioneers when it comes to AI development, but they have also driven much of the innovation behind closed doors. Effect.AI proposes a solution by creating an open, decentralized network that provides most, if not all of the services required for a healthy and accessible Artificial Intelligence market. This project is called The Effect Network. This network will replace several existing services in the current AI market. It requires no commissions, has a low barrier to entry and provides fast growth to its users.

Effect.AI aims to accomplish this by deploying the project in three phases. These are:

  • Phase 1: EFFECT Force
  • Phase 2: EFFECT Smart Market
  • Phase 3: EFFECT Power

The first platform, Effect Force is a marketplace for tasks that require human intelligence. It allows anyone in the world to perform tasks for fair payment. This first phase gives businesses and aspiring AI developers much needed access to a large workforce of human intelligence. The second platform, Effect Smart Market, is a decentralized registry of AI services. On this platform any algorithm can be accessed, and paid for, as a service in a unified manner. The last platform, Effect Power, provides a decentralized, distributed computational platform that can run popular deep learning frameworks.

2. EFX Distribution Details


3. Useful Links

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