RChain (RHOC)

1. Introduction

The RChain platform is a transformation in blockchain technology as it empowers its users. On the RChain platform smart contracts are concurrent and formally verified by the compiler, so they’re fast, versatile, and secure. Those contracts are written in RhoLang, which is a strongly-typed, concurrent, and correct-by-construction language.

RhoLang contracts run on the Rho Virtual Machine - a concurrent execution engine. RhoVM allows your applications to achieve unprecedented speed and scalability.

RChain’s platform provides a unique differentiator for the development community. RChain platform supports multiple blockchains, both public and private on the same node. These blockchains can interact securely, predictably and at scale. This is a vision that developers have been hoping to see realized for years. These blockchains are secured by the type of consensus protocol the whole industry has been waiting for proof-of-stake. This is a consensus by validators that are more scalable and fault tolerant.

RHOC is an ERC-20 Token that will work as the access token to those who want to support the development of the RChain Platform. It represents the value that the early adopters gave it by supporting the RChain project.

2. Features of Rho Virtual Machine (RhoVM) 

  • Independence. Each instance of RhoVM executes an independent set of smart contracts on an independent blockchain and networks only when necessary. This means that RChain is partitioned (sharded) by default, resulting in a network of coordinated and parallel blockchains. This well sought-after "multi-chain" design is built with self-sufficiency in mind, and it represents a victory unique to RChain.
  • Scalability. As the platform grows, nodes simply initialize new instances of RhoVM to manage the load. This allows the platform to scale linearly while keeping performance, consistency, and code complexity constant.
  • Performance. Each instance of RhoVM is lightweight and multi-threaded, so multiple high-performance instances can exist on a single node. Thus, applications on RChain achieve unprecedented throughput, availability, and response time, opening a new landscape of decentralized applications suitable for the modern market.

3. Issue Details

  • Issue Date: October 07, 2017
  • Issue Price: 0.200000 USD
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 RHOC
  • Circulating Supply:350,114,945 RHOC

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