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Announcement on Results of "Vote for Your Coin-Round 3"

Dear BitMart Users,


We are excited to announce that Brickblock (BBK) was the winner of “Vote for Your Coin - Round 3” (Votes on websites - invalid votes* + Twitter bonus votes). Brickblock (BBK) is a smart contract platform that allows you to invest in tokenized real-world assets like real estate and investment funds. Each asset issues its own unique asset-backed token — called a Proof-of-Asset (PoA) token — that legally entitles the owner to the profits of the underlying asset.

As promised, BitMart will list BBK without a listing fee and the next five highest voted projects will go directly to the final approval stage of our Coin Listing Review team. BitMart will return all BMXs paid to vote for other projects within 3 working days.

Those who helped promote this event on social media for a chance to win 100 BMX will also be announced on our Twitter shortly.

Thank you to all projects and voters for participating in this promotion. We will be announcing the 4th round with new projects in the near future. Please keep an eye on for our website announcements.

* Invalid votes: Bulk voting detected by BitMart Technology team.

Rankings of Retweeted Projects
Ranking               Project                       # of Retweets                  Additional Votes
1   DICE Money (CET)   3,523   5,000
2   Atlantis Blue (ABDT)   2,308   3,000
3   DateCoin (DTC)   1,391   2,000


BitMart Team

July 10, 2018

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