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BitMart Launches Mission X: The Community Listing Market, 0 Listing Fees by Investing 1 Million BMX

1200.jpg, one of the top 50 digital asset exchanges in the world, officially announces the launch of BitMart Mission X: The Community Listing Market. Mission X is an initiative to encourage innovative projects to apply without a listing fee.

Once the community has invested 1 million BMX projects may enter the BMX Market, offering their token as a trading pair of BMX. Invested BMX will be frozen for a specified period, however, investors will be able to earn a profit from the trading fees of the corresponding trading pair.

This is a new feature that could be understood as a variation of a 0 listing fee program. However, this program offers full ownership, approval rights, and the opportunity to profit from projects for investors.

Any projects interested in BitMart’s Community Listing Market can submit their applications by filling out the following Google form:

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