Ubex (UBEX)

1. Introduction

The digital advertising market has been actively growing for the last 4 years; its size has exceeded the size of the television segment in 2017. This is a historic event for the advertising market. One of the most promising segments of digital advertising is programmatic advertisement, which shows an average annual growth rate of more than 23% against a 4% growth rate of non-programmatic segments. According to the forecasts of Magna Global, the market size of advertising software will reach $42 billion by 2020.

Nevertheless, despite these positive dynamics, the digital advertising market has many problems, including low targeting efficiency, non-transparent counterparty relationships and a high level of fraud. As a result, all sides of the relationship suffer - advertisers overpay for each client involved, publishers receive lesser rewards and consumers of advertising are dissatisfied with its quality.

Ubex proposes to solve these problems by combining all the advantages of programmatic technologies, neural networks and smart contracts in a single system. Through this approach, Ubex provides a transition from the traditional pay-per-click scheme to the payment for targeted actions, which is the most fair and interesting model for all market participants.

The Ubex project is a global, decentralized exchange of programmatic advertising based on neural networks and smart contracts. The mission of Ubex is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.

Advertisers can automatically purchase ad slots using the Ubex system. The programmatic system automatically chooses ad slots that have the highest probability (calculated via neural networks algorithms) to engage the target user. Procurement of advertising takes place in real time using programmatic technology on the basis of neural networks with the application of smart contracts. Neural networks contribute to the optimal distribution of the ads among available ad slots and the smart contracts eliminate risks for advertisers and publishers by providing more transparency. 

2. Advantages of UBEX

Advantages of Ubex in comparison with other advertising exchanges:

  • Neural networks maximize purchasing efficiency.

Neural networks, which process information about each visitor to the member networks’ websites, are at the heart of Ubex’s advertising purchasing algorithms. The neural networks evaluate the interests of users, calculate the likelihood of targeted actions for all advertiser offers, and choose the most suitable advertisement. Neural network are able to do it because of the track-record of the previous actions of users, and the statistical datasets provided by site-owners. All these inputs improve the ability of neural network to make better predictions. Thanks to this, member network website visitors see only those ads that are maximally 1.6 confined to their interests, and which would convince them to fulfill the target action with maximum probability. Ubex algorithm also estimates the economic efficiency of displaying various advertising options to each particular user. Therefore Ubex maximizes the targeting of advertising and the economic efficiency for advertisers.

  • Blockchain-based smart contracts minimize participants’ risks.

Ubex aims to solve the problem of low confidence in the purchase of digital advertising. Smart contracts allow for making the relationship of advertisers and publishers (owners of ad slots on sites) as transparent and fair as possible, as well as minimizing the risks for all parties. By applying such an approach, Ubex allows passage from the traditional pay per click scheme to the model of payment for targeted actions, the most fair and interesting model for advertisers. 

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