Btchd (BHD)

1. Introduction

Users can employ unused hard disk capacity to mine Bitcoins without the need for expensive mining rigs and other specialized hardware. Traditional mining hardware is energy intensive, noisy, produces a lot of heat, and is becoming increasingly specialized, moving beyond the means of ordinary people. With Btchd, mining is simple and accessible.

Currently, the amount of energy expended globally in POW mining is greater than the total energy output of 159 countries. The development of digital currencies shouldn’t have to be built on the wasting of resources. With Btchd, POW calculations can be completed with a minimum of computing and energy resources.

2. Technical Parameters

  • Block size: 8MB
  • Block generation rate: 5 minutes
  • Replay attack: 2-way protection
  • Total supply: 21 million pieces
  • Development team: 2.1 million pieces (10% pre-excavation)
  • Promotion team: 1.05 million pieces (5%)
  • Miners dig: 17.85 million (85% for miners)
  • Initial block size:25Btchd / Block
  • Halving cycle: 4 years
  • Initial TPS: 20 transactions per second


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