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EBC Trading Competition and Trading Lottery Winners Announcement

Dear BitMart Users,


Thank you for participating in our EBC Deposit Bonus and Trading Competition!

1. Deposit Bonus

According to our rules, the first 2,000 users who completed deposits at and met specific conditions would be eligible to receive either 2,000 EBC or 7,500 EBC. We had the 2,000th user deposited at 9:25 AM on August 20 (EDT), so we will send out deposit bonus to the first 2,000 users deposited before this time.

2. Trading Competition

Those who ranked top 10 in terms of the total EBC volume traded on their BitMart account (including both buys and sells) across all EBC trading pairs during the competition were eligible for corresponding prizes. The winners for each prize were as follows:

Ranking           User Name           Prizes (# EBC)
1   2,000,000
2   1,500,000
3   1,000,000
4   SCOxxxxx@GMAIL.COM   200,000
5   200,000
6   200,000
7   10255xxxxx   200,000
8   200,000
9   01038xxxxxx   200,000
10   200,000

3. Trading Lottery

Users with a trading volume (including both buy and sell orders) of at least 200,000 EBC will be eligible to participate. We have selected users ranked between 11th - 50th with a ranking number ending in 6 and 8 to split 1,600,000 EBC evenly:

Ranking           User Name           Prizes (# EBC)
16   200,000
18   010728xxxxx   200,000
26   200,000
28   200,000
36   10339xxxxx   200,000
38   10986xxxxx   200,000
46   010730xxxxx   200,000
48   200,000

Congratulations to our winners! You will receive your EBC rewards in your BitMart account within the next 7 business days. For those who didn’t win, we will be announcing new promotions in the near future, check our announcements regularly so you don’t miss out! Also, don’t forget that our Refer-A-Friend Program is still ongoing! Don’t miss the chance to earn free BTC!

Thank you for supporting BitMart!


BitMart Team

August 28, 2018

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