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Mooncakes Taste Better With Free Tokens - Win 2,000 BMX in BitMart’s Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion!




Sweet mooncakes plus free cryptocurrencies, isn’t that a perfect Mid-Autumn festival treat for dessert lovers and cryptocurrency investors? That’s right! BitMart Exchange is hosting a registration bonus and social media campaign to reward its users with free BMX (BitMart Token)


For those who don’t know what a Mid-Autumn festival is, the Mid-Autumn festival is a traditional festival celebrated by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people. The festival is held on the 15th day of August in the lunar calendar with full moon at night, corresponding from late September to early October. The purpose of this festival is for families to get together and to treasure lives, most of all, to enjoy the beautiful full moon with the traditional Asian dessert - mooncakes.


With the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, BitMart Exchange would like to take this opportunity to give new and existing users a big Mid-Autumn Festival treat! Here comes BitMart’s Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion!


  • From September 7th to September 24th, participants who use the invitation code: Mid-AutumnFestival (click here for referral link) to register on BitMart Exchange will receive 40 BMX as registration bonus.


  • Participants will receive 30 BMX when they post BitMart’s Mid-Autumn Festival promotion poster below on social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) and use the hashtag #BitMartToTheMoon. Participants should fill out the Google form to claim their 30 BMX bonus.


  • BitMart Exchange will also give additional BMX bonus to the top 3 participants who get the most number of likes for their social media posts. Winners will earn up to 2,000 BMX!




BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital asset trading platform in the cryptocurrency market with over 500,000 users worldwide. BitMart is ranking among the top 40 exchange platforms on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 85 trading pairs for BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies with one of the lowest trading fees on the market.

BitMart recently opened a new market for its utility token, BMX, with its Mission X program, a true community listing market. Projects who participate in Mission X are able to obtain investment from supporters in the form of BMX and use it to list their tokens on BitMart’s BMX Market as a trading pair for BMX. 100% of their transaction fees from the BMX Market will go directly to the users who supported the project. Once a project has proved successful on the BMX market, it will be reviewed for listing on BitMart’s Main Trading markets.


To learn more about BitMart Exchange visit their website, Twitter or join their Telegram.


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