ThingsChain (TIC)


ThingsChain is a next-generation platform for IoT devices based on blockchain technology. It uses a multilayered architecture which provides a solution to the issues faced by current blockchains like lack of scalability and low transaction throughput rate.

The goal of ThingsChain is to create a trustless and decentralized system in which transactions are similar to real world transactions. ThingsChain accomplishes it by designing its network as a multi-layer blockchain with double consensus algorithm to allow transactions to be linked with additional information on-chain. Users, developers, node operators, organizations, enterprises, crypto-exchanges, partners and other blockchains.

Token Distribution

  • Airdrop: 6 Billion
  • Team: 4 Billion (Vesting 4 Years)
  • Advisor & Partnership: 3 Billion (Lock At Least A Year)
  • Marketing: 8 Billion
  • Ecosystem Development: 2 Billion (Lock 1 Billion In 4 Years)
  • Reserve Fund: 3 Billion (Lock At Least 2 Year)

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