Water Block Chain (WBC)

1. Introduction

Compared to the existing difficulty in encrypting data in Ethereum, and the difficulty for smart contracts to interact with data outside the blockchain. WBC is committed to the development of a blockchain ecosystem with strong privacy for personal information. Based on big water data platform, WBC is aiming to provide incubators for blockchain projects. With the use of blockchain technologies, WBC aims to solve the problem of low service quality in the big health industry - water industry to ensure the effective improvement of the service quality in the big health water industry. WBC is a next-generation digital blockchain system with enough flexibility.

Founded by Xiamen University in China and AICHEMY, a technology geek organization in Silicon Valley, Water Block Chain (WBC) aims to create a one-stop digital asset vertical big health water service system. In 2016, the total market output value of the global big health water industry has reached 10 trillion USD. The market size of the big health industry alone has reached 8 trillion USD and has maintained a long-term growth rate of more than 10%. With such a booming tendency, the market size of the big health water industry is predicted to exceed 15 to 35 trillion USD in China. In the future, the big health water industry needs breakthroughs in the aspects of product model innovation, precise and accurate operation, and cross-industry integration etc. The market indeed needs a water system with a brand new model and the blockchain system will have a great meaning for the industry. The technologies of blockchain have great practical potential in the field of big heath water industry. Combining the model of blockchain will bring a revolutionary change to the big health water industry and open a new era.

WBC consists of five systems: decentralized digital asset management system, decentralized digital identity system, decentralized crowdfunding system, decentralized trading system, and decentralized domain name system. These subsystems can run on both the main chain and the side chains. The completion of WBC deployment means that WBC will change the existing pattern of the blockchain, and will lead to another revolution in blockchain technology and accomplish the unfinished mission of Ethereum. WBC is bringing the next golden decade of wealth to the big healthy water industry and even to the world.

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