Crypto Harbor Exchange (CHE)

1. Introduction

Crypto Harbor Exchange aims to be a harbor of the community. The main goal is to activate the community and create a place to communicate the products born from the community participants. The platform would be the special economic zone where you can create service, product, and come together to discuss their ideas. In short, “Crypto Harbor” is to create a own ecosystem (community ecosystem). “Crypto Harbor” is a special economic zone where the economic activities will take place using CHE tokens. Crypto Harbor Exchange is one of the core functions as well as central axis of it. While Crypto Harbor Exchange token is known as an exchange token, its other usage has not been discussed before. However, Crypto Harbor Exchange is not simply aiming to create an exchange, but to create a community where you can use CHE to share cultures and interests with other people.  

2. Token Distribution

  • Loading Time  60% 30 Billion
  • Development  13.5% 6.75 Billion
  • Marketing 12.5%  6.25 Billion
  • Administration 10%  5 Billion
  • Angel investors  4% 2 Billion

3. Useful Links

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